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Carl's addendum

Today, Jonathan submitted me the complete offer of the Keith Monks record cleaning machine:

Total costs: GBP 2'961 (CHF 4'515.55, UBS currency rate of November 12th, 2013; incl. custom taxes and VAT = CHF 5'000)

  • Keith Monks RCM Mk.IX Archivist Duo Omni - Royal Blue, £ 2'286
  • discOveryBTM case of 20 (cleaning liquid for heavily soiled shellac grooves), £ 340
  • discOvery78 case of 12 (flushing liquid for 78 rpm records), £ 204
  • Shipping door to door incl. insurance, £ 131

I will correct the amount now and I think it is a good investment to invest the difference in more books to be able to digitize more records.