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Digitizing room

We are looking for aide

We are a very small team at the moment and we have a lot of ideas and a lot of work to do for this project. So we are always happy about people who would like to help us in one or another form!

Most wanted jobs

MediaWiki Administrators/Moderators

  • Common work on articles, anti spam measurements, link checking,...
  • Helping out with the use and creation of templates, categories, wiki syntax and more

PHP Developers

  • Common work as a system administrator for the mediawiki and webserver (to be a member of the admin team)
  • Development of MediaWiki extensions (Audio upload tool, integration of FLAC and MP3 files into the Wiki, integration of radio stream metadata into the Wiki and more)

Music historical editorial department

  • Good authors are welcome
  • Correctness checking of articles
  • Citation and research
  • Contact and relationships with other archives

Registration of music recordings

We would like to have a as comprehensive as possible database of music recordings. For this we need your appreciated aide! Register your music recordings (shellac and vinyl recordings) on our platform. Public Domain recordings ripped as FLAC files are very welcome (Please ask us for a FTP access to upload them).

More about registering music recordings: Register a new recording


Write us an e-mail with your questions by using our contact form.