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Swiss Internet Radio (also known as RadioCrazy Classical&Jazz) is one of the largest Internet radio services in Switzerland. It was founded in 2002 as a hobby project by Carl Flisch. He wanted to publish his collection of rare and historical recordings. RadioCrazy started the business with a full-moderated program by Dennis Janik in Dortmund and a Jazz music radio in Berlin.

In 2005 the organization moved back to Switzerland because of the increase of copyright taxes by GEMA and GVL. On August 24th, 2004; he founded the Swiss Internet Radio Association, a user organization which now represents the interests of webcasters (owners of Internet radio stations) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

After the successful establishment of swissradio Jazz in Switzerland the station introduced in 2006 three new Music radio channels: swissradio Classical (January 1st), swissradio Opera and swissradio Modern Jazz (September 23rd).

By co-founding of the Public Domain Project in January 2009 and started broadcasting on December 11th, 2009; the company renamed his channels swissradio Classical into Public Domain Classical and swissradio Jazz into Public Domain Jazz.

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