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Welcome to the Community Portal.

Here we collect and share all the information you need to help us improving your music database and also this is the place for longer discussions about how to organise our project.

We are looking for aide!


We are a very small team at the moment and we have a lot of ideas and a lot of work to do for this project. So we are always happy about people who would like to help us in one or another form!

We have a separate page for the most wanted jobs at the moment: What aide we need most

Your first stepts in the Public Domain Project

This page will help you to find your way in the jungle of our wiki:

First steps in the PD Project

Frequently Asked Questions



Graphics, Logos, Banners and Flyers

Help using MediaWiki

Check our separate Help:Contents page.

Ripping shellac and vinyl recordings

For this topic you can start reading here: Ripping shellac records there are also links to FLAC encoders, turntables, discussions about washing machines and there like.

Contact the core team

If you need to contact the main team members behind this project you can use our contact form.

Alternateivly you can also contact us by using the discussion page of the specific user:

For general project related stuff:

For technical stuff, FTP accounts etc.: