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'''Full project name:'''<br>
#REDIRECT [[WMCH:Call for projects 2014:Public Domain Project|Public Domain Project]]
'''Legal name of organization or individual submitting this grant:'''<br>
'''Project nature:''' Volunteer driven - Staff driven  <!--keep only the relevant type--><br>
'''Project contact name:'''<br>
'''Project contact username or email:'''<br>
'''Project contact title (position):'''<br>
'''Project contact affiliation:'''<br>
<!-- if different from the contact, indicate a leader
'''Project leader name:'''<br>
'''Project leader username or email:'''<br>
'''Project leader title (position), if any:'''<br>
'''Project leader affiliation:'''<br>-->
'''Category''': <!--GLAM Education Community Free Content generation International Events Research Technology--><br>
'''Working group associated, if any:'''<!--swissGLAMour - Lobbying/press/FR campaign - Communication tools&materials - Education - WLM - International - Strategic plan/annual budget--><br>
'''Matching founds:''' <!--Please indicate if matching founds are already available or pending in case of success of the request--><br>
'''Conflict of interest:'''<!-- Please indicate any possible conflict of interest, or situation looking like a conflict of interest -->
'''Other partners:'''<br>
'''Provisional target start date:'''<br>
'''Provisional completion date:'''<br>
=== Project goal ===
KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: What will be accomplished if the project is successful?
Example: "The goal of this project is to digitize and put into
Wikisource under a free license the Yiddish Algmeine encyclopedia."
=== Project scope and list of activities===
KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: What will you spend your time doing if this project is funded?
Example:  "Wikimedia NY has already negotiated with the owner of the
Algmeine Encyclopedie that if the encyclopedia can be digitized, its
owner will release it under a free license. Funding for this project
will pay for the encyclopedia to be digitized and put into Wikisource.
After that, it will be available for individual volunteers to use
however they like, in the Yiddish Wikipedia." -->
=== Non-financial requirements ===
KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: Will you need any additional support from Wikimedia CH? Note that this type of need could be merge with the needs of other project, so do not hesitate.
Example: "We would also like CAO's help with a press release, once the project is complete." or "We would like to benefit from a 20% part-time project manager for interaction with partners."
=== Fit to strategy ===
KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: How will this project support the key organizational objectives of,
*increasing reach (more people being able to access or contribute to Wikipedia or our other projects),
*participation (more people actually contributing),
*quality (more useful content or higher quality existing content),
*credibility (more trust in our projects),
*organizational maturity and effectiveness (how it will move your chapter or the Wikimedia community as a whole forward),
*or financial sustainability (how it will help your chapter achieve more in the long run)?
Example: "The project will provide a large amount of previously unavailable high-quality material that Yiddish-speaking Wikipedians will be able to immediately incorporate into the Yiddish Wikipedia. It will therefore primarily benefit the quality of our project."
=== Fit to a community demand ===
KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: How this project will answer to a demand coming directly from one of the wikimedia community.
Please add any link to relevant community discussion
=== Other benefits ===
Example: "We believe we can get some positive media attention for this project, which may also persuade other content owners to free up their material."
=== Measures of success ===
KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: What measurable criteria will you use to determine if your project was successful? Be as specific as possible We will need to report on the success of the project according to these measures after your project is completed.
Example: "We will consider this project a success if the encyclopedia is successfully digitized and placed in Wikisource under a free license."
=== Budget breakdown ===
Provide a drafted breakdown of how you will use the funds you are requesting:
* Travel cost: CHF 1,500
* Communication materials: CHF 750
=== Team members (optional) ===
<!-- Listing participants (usernames are fine) is not mandatory, but helps us get a sense of who is committed to making the project happen. You may also want to include short biographies or links to userpages, explaining how these volunteers can contribute to the success of the project. -->

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