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|[[File:Hmv-db3903-2ea8402.jpg|120 px|thumb|left| Famous arias sung by '''[[Wikipedia:Enrico Caruso|Enrico Caruso]]''' ([[:pool:Hmv-db3903-2ea8402|Una furtiva lagrima (L'elisir d'amore)]] and [[:pool:Hmv-db3903-2ea8403|Ella mi fu rapita! (Rigoletto)]])]]
|[[File:Hmv-db3903-2ea8402.jpg|120 px|thumb|left| Famous arias sung by '''[[Wikipedia:Enrico Caruso|Enrico Caruso]]''' ([[:pool:Hmv-db3903-2ea8402|Una furtiva lagrima (L'elisir d'amore)]] and [[:pool:Hmv-db3903-2ea8403|Ella mi fu rapita! (Rigoletto)]])]]
|[[File:Wikicon2012.jpg|120 px|thumb|left|The '''Public Domain Project''' participate on the  '''[[Wikipedia:de:Wikipedia:WikiCon 2012|WikiCon 2012]]''' in [[Wikipedia:Dornbirn|Dornbirn]]. Visit our workshop. ([[Wikipedia:de:Wikipedia:WikiCon 2012/Beitrag/Public Domain Projekt zur Digitalisierung der Musikgeschichte|see description]])]]
|[[File:Lyric-5121a.jpg|130 px|thumb|left|Explore our media archives of '''record label images''': '''[[:pool:Category:78 rpm record label images|78 rpm]]''', '''[[:pool:Category:Edison record label images|Edison]]''', '''[[:pool:Category:Pathé record label images|Pathé]]''' or '''[[:pool:Category:Vinyl record label images|Vinyl]]''']]

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Public Domain Project

...our cultural heritage belong to all the people of the world...

Public Domain Project

The Public Domain Project is a open-minded (open to all persons) project for the conservation and utilization of Public Domain music and film material. It consists of the following projects:

The Public Domain Project need your active participation and support! More information can be found on the Community portal. A deeper view into our project provides the Contents portal.

Our project is supported by Wikimedia Deutschland and the Zurich University of the Arts

Madama Butterfly is the first available complete opera recording (listen)

The Public Domain Project grows. Additional 35,000 records were donated by Martin Osterwalder. The first available work is Edvard Grieg's incidental music Peer Gynt, Part 1 (listen) and Part 2 (listen)
Explore our media archives of record label images: 78 rpm, Edison, Pathé or Vinyl


The Encyclopedia (Wiki) contains the complete music database of the Public Domain Radio and the Public Domain Pool
Help us to build up a free music encyclopedia (Music dictionary)

PD Project news

  • 11 November 2012

Status report during the construction of the Record Cleaning Machine. Testing of the Precision Suction Nozzle and the suction of washing liquid into the wastewater container. Watch the video. Discuss with us in the community portal.

Precision Suction Nozzle
Wastewater container
Microcontroller unit

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