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[[Category:Non-profit organisations based in Küsnacht, Switzerland]]
[[Category:Non-profit organizations based in Küsnacht, Switzerland]]

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The Public Domain Project is a open-minded (open to all people) project under the supervision of the Swiss Foundation Public Domain. It was formed in 2009 by Philippe Perreaux (Copyright lawyer) and Carl Flisch (Music historian). The major activity is the conservation and utilization of public domain music and film material.

In 2010 the project won 5,000 euros in the knowledge-value competition of Wikimedia Deutschland. Instead of money, Wikimedia sponsors a ELP Laser turntable (especially built in hand made). Wikimedia contractually agreed that Wikimedia Commons will receive a copy of each digitized work after checking the copyright status.

In 2012 the collector Martin Osterwalder donated additional 35,000 78 rpm records.